Vaccines Kill Babies Campaign – Parents Must Know Vaccination Is NOT Safe

NOW LIVE!!! Vaccines Kill Babies Campaign – Parents Must Know Vaccination Is NOT Safe



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Over the last week there has been a lot of condemnation, criticism and judgement about this campaign and me by those who claim to be vaccine choice/anti-vaccine. Their main hate-fueled argument? That the money donated to this campaign should go to parents who have vaccine injured children, including any parents who are featured on this website. So let’s clear a few things up for those who are confused by the recent spate of emotionally charged hatred towards me and this campaign:

1) The parents who have willingly and deliberately shared their stories with me and for this website have done so SPECIFICALLY to RAISE AWARENESS that vaccines harm and kill. There are no stories on this website where I do not have full permission to use those stories. They were given to me for this very purpose.

2) This campaign is designed to reach NEW PARENTS who do not yet know about the dangers of vaccines and considering that $10,000 can easily reach at least 3 million parents according to Facebook analytics, I postulate to you that that easily translates into hundreds, if not thousands or tens of thousands of babies and children who will be saved from vaccine harm and death because of this awareness campaign. Those who are spreading hate are LITERALLY working to destroy children through vaccine harm and death by trying to sabotage my efforts and those who supported or donated to this campaign.

3) This campaign is ALSO designed to bring tens of thousands of NEW PARENTS into our ranks to help us fight vaccine mandates, because one thing we know for sure: once a parent goes vaccine free, that parent will fight to stop government overreach. We need to keep building our army of aware parents.

4) COWARDS! Yes, those who are engaged in their violent energies in social media towards me and this campaign are nothing but a bunch of whiney cowards who do not have the intelligence, wherewithal, ability, audience nor practicality to do exactly what they claim I am not doing: raise money for vaccine injured families. Absolutely pathetic. All of that wasted energy devoted to trashing this campaign and me personally when any of them could have launched their own fundraiser for vaccine injured families. But no. They would rather criticize others for not doing something they clearly are unable to do on their own.

5) This campaign is very clearly stated, including that all the funds raised will be used for this campaign. I absolutely block anyone in social media who ask hostile questions especially any hostile ones or insinuating ones about where the money will go. It’s already been stated – there is no need for me to repeat myself with baited questions.

Finally, if you are in the middle somewhere, look at what people do, not at what they say. Doing is always more telling. And with that, here is the latest…


May 21, 2018: The campaign has begun. I am boosting five vaccine death stories, one vaccine injury video and one vaccine free video for a total of seven boosted posts. All of the boosted posts are targeting people in the USA, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom who have identified with “parenting” or “pregnancy” in their social media profile. All of the campaigns will run until December 1, 2018. Long range boosted posts perform best in terms of social traction and reach – this is a “slow drip” into social media that over time will build momentum. We will reach millions of parents with this campaign, likely saving thousands if not tens of thousands of babies from vaccine injury and death while also building our army of parents willing to fight against vaccine mandates. The amount I am spending on each post is determined in part by previous known social traction, giving more money to the stories that perform better in social media. As the weeks and months go by, I may adjust those amounts based on performance. As I’ve mentioned, all of the money raised in this campaign is going towards this campaign. So first, the budget breakdown:

$10,856 – Total Raised as of 5/23/18 – Click Link Below To See FB Post
$1,250 – The Vitamin K Shot and Hepatitis B Vaccine Kills 4-Day Old Infant
$1,250 – Violet Lorraine Kiest Died 48 Hours After Her 4-Month-Old Vaccines
$1,250 – $250,000 Awarded To Parents After Their Healthy Infant Is Killed By Vaccines
$1,500 – DTaP Vaccine Shatters UFC Fighter’s Family After It Kills Their Healthy Boy
$2,000 – 2-month old Dies 48 hours After 8 Vaccines: Owen’s Mom Speaks Out
$1,750 – VIDEO: Vaccines Devastated Their Children VIDEO
$1,300 – VIDEO: How To Be Healthy Without Vaccines with Brittney Kara
$10,300 – Current Total Spend
$556 – Unused currently

May 23, 2018 update…

Here you can see what the details look like – they are all the same, except the amount budgeted:

I’ll be giving periodic updates on this campaign as we move forward. As more donations come in, I’ll add to the budget(s) of these campaigns, based on where I think the money should go. Thank you much for your support of this campaign to save children from vaccine harm and death.

~ Larry

In the video I explain how $10,000 can help us reach 3 million parents with critical knowledge that vaccines can, and do, kill babies. Below are the details, also shared on the GoFundMe Fundraiser for this vaccines kill project.

Parents MUST KNOW That Vaccines Kill Children
Infants, babies and children are being killed at an unprecedented rate by vaccination while the pediatricians who inject the poison into these helpless ones call their deaths “coincidence” and “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” (SIDS). Even though these infants were developing normally and in good robust health, doctors deny any connection to the vaccines they injected and the sudden death of these babies. We must help stop the slaughter of our children and one way we can do this is by sharing the parent stories of vaccine killed children on Facebook with targeted paid boosts to specifically reach parents.

Facebook Paid Boosts Can Reach More Parents
I have the ability to share my many vaccine death stories  found on my Stop Mandatory Vaccination website onto my Facebook Page and run a “paid boost” to target parents with these stories. I have several vaccine death stories right now and we are currently working on a few more. Conceptually, the idea is to run a paid boost on MULTIPLE stories so that parents will see story after story after story in their newsfeed about vaccines killing children.

How “Boosting A Post” Works
Essentially, I give Facebook a budget, which countries I want to target, a timeline, and in this case, a category: parenting (and related categories). Long timelines work best – 30 days to 60 days – so that a post will gain social traction. For example, I am running a low budget boosted post right now targeting parents in 5 countries, and it is currently getting almost 39 clicks per dollar spent (39 parents went to the website for the cost of one dollar). That is an excellent number. Take a look.


Plus, for just $3.60 that post has already been seen by over 4,400 parents. Now, imagine a dramatically higher budget on 5, 6 or even 7 stories, all happening at once, all being seen by parents new to this! Vaccine induced death after death after death after death going through their newsfeed. Do you think that’s going to grab their attention?  I sure do!

Clicking To The SMV Website & Call To Action
Obviously, we are hoping that parents click over to read the story. But then what? Well, at the top of literally every single page on my website I have a set of essential resources for parents, including a starter guide on why to be vaccine free, injury and death stories, vaccine free parenting, find a vaccine free doctor , a book, and very importantly, a link to our Facebook Group  where parents can join and ask questions. Parents who join often go vaccine free! Take a look.


So, this campaign is not just about raising awareness by having parents see some vaccine death stories in their Facebook feed (although that is imortant), this campaign is designed to get parents to LEARN MORE about vaccines and JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP to learn more, so that they will stop vaccinating or never start. Parents new to this need community and a way to ask questions (but, what if my child gets a disease?)- this campaign does that!

The Current Vaccine Death Stories On Stop Mandatory Vaccination
2-month old Dies 48 hours After 8 Vaccines: Owen’s Mom Speaks Out
$250,000 Awarded To Parents After Their Healthy Infant Is Killed By Vaccines
DTaP Vaccine Shatters UFC Fighter’s Family After It Kills Their Healthy Boy

Plus, we are currently working with two moms for two more vaccine death stories, and a possible third story as well.

$10,000 To Reach Three Million Parents
There are a lot of variables in running paid boosts on Facebook, but, it appears that a $10,000 budget could easily reach three million parents if we all play our part. So, take a look at my screenshot of a 10K budget, and I am targeting UK, Australia, Canada and USA with an interest in “parenting” (parents). The reach would be 1,148,000 parents on the low end after 14 days and 7,140,000 parents on the high end. So, lets just round it to 3,000,000 parents. That’s a LOT OF PARENTS!!!


How To Reach More Parents
When you see any of these sponsored posts come through your feed, like and comment on them because that tells Facebook to show them to even more people. When we do this together, we can reach so many more parents!

Let’s Do This!
I had amazingly wonderful feedback in the Stop Mandatory Vaccination Group when I shared this idea. So, let’s do this! Your contribution could help directly save 1, 10, 100 or even 1,000 babies from being killed by vaccination. The more we can raise together, the more children we will save AND the more activists we will have on our side fighting against vaccine mandates. With so much support already promised, let’s see if we can get to 10K in a week and really blow this up! Please join me!

Thank you!

Larry Cook



I want to ask you a question. Does it bother you that a child can get eight vaccines at two months or four months or six months of age, and 48 hours that child is dead and the pediatrician says, “That’s a coincidence” and the coroner says, “We’re not going to talk about vaccines.” What do you think about that? It’s happening all the time. I’ve seen lots and lots and lots and lots of people post comments about this happening to their children. I have several stories just like this on my website, Stop Mandatory Vaccination. We are currently creating several more stories just like this type of a story for Stop Mandatory Vaccination.

So last week I was scrolling through comments and I saw a mom post that her kid died, her child died, her infant died, within 48 hours or 72 hours after vaccination, a little, small infant. And then I saw it again, and then I saw it again. I was like, “Criminy. This is happening way too much.” And that’s what inspired the idea to raise money to run paid Facebook boosts, and I’m going to explain that in a second, of these stories, so that we can reach parents with this information over and over and over again.

So let me explain a paid Facebook boost. I have a Stop Mandatory Vaccination page. Anyone who has a page, a Facebook page, can sign up, get an ad account and anything that they post, most anything, you can do what’s called a boost. And that means that Facebook will deliver that particular story, whether it’s an image or a hyperlink or whatever it is, to a targeted audience. Now Facebook, just like in TV advertising or anywhere else, has the ability to target an audience. I oftentimes when I do this, and I’ve done it a lot, in fact I’ve given Facebook over $25,000 in the last two and a half years doing exactly this, I often run a paid Facebook boost targeting both those who follow me on the Stop Mandatory Vaccination page, that’s about 115,000 likes, and their friends, ’cause usually friends associate with each other. And so when I run that kind of paid boost, I pull in more people into this fold, into the fight, into the fight against mandatory vaccination.

Now there is lots of other ways of running a paid Facebook boost. Another way of doing it is you can target a demographic. I could target men, I could target women, I could target age, I can also target interest. So I can go in and target parenting or parents, baby, anything that has to do with babies or infants or children. I can scroll through all of those and I can type in what type of demographic I want to go after, and then I can target that demographic. So if a person identifies as being a parent, then that person, according to Facebook, is a parent that might wind up getting a targeted ad.

So on the Go Fund Me that I have launched to reach these parents, I explain a little bit about this, but the quick story is that I plan, or the plan is, I should put that way, to run targeted boosts of the stories from Stop Mandatory Vaccination to reach parents who aren’t necessarily following my page, or haven’t even heard about mandatory vaccination or don’t really know what to think about it, but they’ll see these infant death stories coming across their feed. And not just one, but several. This is the main part of the entire concept, to have several of these stories coming through their feed. You know, infant one died after 48 hours of eight vaccines. Infant two, 72 hours later.

We have several stories that we can push out into the Facebook sphere, network, and reach new parents. How else are we going to stop mandatory vaccination if we don’t educate parents specifically about the dangers of vaccination, and have them come into the group, our Facebook group, Stop Mandatory Vaccination group, and start asking questions, which is what happens all the time. So when a parent sees the story, sees the second story, sees the third story, the fourth story, the fifth story, coming through their feed, the idea is they’re going to click over at some point in time and check out the story. I mean, that’s what we hope for.

They click over and at the top of the website, every single page, I have a section that has resources for new parents. And some of them are other pages on my website like vaccine death and injury stories or how to live a vaccine free lifestyle, why we don’t need vaccines, I have a book in there. But most importantly of all, I have our Facebook group, Stop Mandatory Vaccination. And the reason why it’s so important, the reason why I’m doing this, is so that we can have parents who already have vaccine injured or vaccine free children be able to answer the questions.

New parents to this topic come in, “Hey. Are any vaccines good?” How many times have we heard that question in the group? How many times? It’s a common question. What’s another common question? “What if my child gets a disease?” That’s a very common question. These are common questions that parents are going to have when they’re new to this topic. People in my group, that’s you, can answer those questions. And so then in a collaborative effort we can help these parents understand, “Hey, there actually is a lot of risk to vaccination. In fact, we don’t really know if one vaccine is going to kill your child or maim that child, or eight will, or if the age is going to do anything. You know, three years of age, one years of age. What we do know is that any vaccine given at any age can maim or kill. It’s been proven over and over and over again. The older kids, the younger kids, it doesn’t matter. Any vaccine, at any age. Are there more dangerous vaccines? Sure.”

The other component to all of this is, we want to talk about natural immunity. Now that’s not what this video is about. This video is about asking you for your support to support this campaign because no one else is going to do this. Don’t look to some government agency or some other group or some business or some activist or whatever, to step up to the plate and do this for you. We’re in this together. This campaign specifically is designed to get parents to come into the group, ask questions, help them understand that vaccines are dangerous and therefore they may want to question them, learn more. Personally I’m vaccine free, completely anti-vaccine. Anyone that follows me knows this. Hopefully when a parent does enough research they too will become anti-vaccine because I’ll tell you what. Once a parent becomes anti-vaccine, they will fight for their child not to be vaccinated. They’ll go and talk with those legislators, they’ll go and do what they need to do to stop the injection process of injecting poison into our children.

So that’s all I have for now. It’s a pretty long winded video I know, but I really want you to understand the concept here. And I really want you to hear it from me directly on video, that this is the plan to reach millions of parents. And according to the analytics I pulled up, we would reach between 1.2 million and seven million parents with a $10,000 budget. I’ve split it down to three million parents, and so I’m just going with that. It’s three million parents is what we’re going to reach.

So I hope you’ll support this cause and if you have any questions, go ahead and feel free to ask them in this video. One final thought, in case you have any questions about this, all of the money raised on this campaign in Go Fund Me will be used for this particular campaign, for promoting these stories. Now I have videos too, I may decide to promote a video, but it all goes into the Facebook promotion. That’s what it’s going to be used for.

Thank you so much. I hope you can help us out here. Over 200 people already have. If we could double that or triple that. There’s 138,000 people in this Facebook group. We only need a few hundred more and we’ll hit the $10,000 or more, and then we can reach more parents. So let’s do this, and save some kids, save some children from dying. Thank you so much. I’m Larry Cook, and I’ll see you in the comments section.

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