Healthy Infant Dies Of “SIDS” Within 48 Hours Of 8 Vaccines

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Healthy Infant Dies Of “SIDS” Within 48 Hours Of 8 Vaccines


Anne Bliss was not informed by her doctor of the risks, including potential for death, of the eight vaccines at once her healthy infant, Bear, would be injected with at two months old. Nor was she expecting her baby would die less than 48 hours after his vaccines. To make it worse, after Anne’s infant died, she was told it was a “coincidence” and waited four months for a “SIDS” (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) ruling. When she pressed for further answers, they had none.

Read in Anne’s own words her heart-crushing experience about her son’s death. In the Q&A to follow, Anne shares about her decision not to vaccinate her children born after her loss of Bear.

Anne Bliss: Berit “Bear” was healthy when he was born on January 29th, 2015. He was three weeks early, but never had any issues whatsoever. (He received his first dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine on January 30th.) Being a first time mom I was very protective, but not protective enough.

He had started smiling and rolling over and was really alert. Bear was a cuddle bug. He loved to be held. He was a happy baby and very laid back until he was done with that and wanted to be held. He would smile when he heard people talking, especially if they were talking to him.

The days before his 2-month checkup I started feeling like I really didn’t want to get him vaccinated. I expressed my concerns to the doctor which they told me “many parents feel this way before their child’s shots” and assured me he would be fine. Bear was vaccinated on the 26th of March. He received the DTaP, Hep. B, IPV, Hib, Pneumo Conjugate 13, and Rotavirus vaccines.

Before Vaccination

After his shots, he slept a lot. He slept almost all day. I had to wake him up to feed him – that was very unusual. He cried so much more than normal. He never ran a fever. Looking back on pictures now I can see his eyes were glazed over. He was not alert anymore, and he was swollen.

It was the 28th of March at 3:00 a.m., I woke up having really bad cramps (I had ovarian cysts ever since I received the HPV/Gardasil vaccine). I had Bear sleeping on my chest (he was wanting to be held more than usual), so when I got up, I had to put him down. He went right back to sleep. I put him down in bed on his back and went to take a bath.

I came back 15 minutes later and picked him up — he was limp. I screamed. Woke up my now ex-husband and he began doing CPR while I called 911. I remember I was in such a shock that I told them our old address and not our new one. I finally gave up trying to explain and told them to call the hospital in our town and tell them we were coming. We lived two minutes away.

When we got there, the doctors and nurses immediately took Bear from us and started working on him. By the time we got there, he had blood running out of his nose. They got him back and lost him several times. That beeping sound still to this day makes me feel like my heart is being ripped out of my chest. Neonatal nurses were flown in from Oklahoma University via helicopter to try to stabilize him, so we could transfer him. It wasn’t happening. Even on the ventilator he was still going in and out.

Around 9:00 a.m., all family and close friends were there. The doctor pulled us back to a room by ourselves and told us Bear was without oxygen to his brain for too long and he would never be able to have a normal life. We were still losing him on and off at this point too.

After Vaccination

We had to make the hardest decision ever. We decided to take him off of the machine and hold him while he took his last breaths. At 10:13 a.m., he was pronounced dead.
Those months following, and still to this day, are sometimes unbearable. Sometimes it’s like you think you’ll eventually wake up from this nightmare that’s actually your life.

I’ve had two children since then – a girl (2016) and a boy (2018). Neither are vaccinated and both are very healthy.

Q&A with Anne:

Q: When you mentioned the days before his 2-month check up, that you felt like you didn’t want to get him vaccinated, was it a gut feeling/intuitive hunch? Or had you read something or spoke to someone that caused the hesitation? What was it that caused you to feel like you didn’t want to get him vaccinated?

Anne: A definite gut feeling. I hadn’t seen anything or talked to anyone that caused the feeling. It was just out of nowhere. I honestly have no idea what caused that feeling. I started asking questions and everyone said it would be fine.

Q: When you shared your vaccine concerns with your doctor for Bear, did he or she provide you with informed consent and explain the risks, (including death), benefits, and provide either a package insert or vaccine information sheet (VIS)?

Anne: No, they did not. I wouldn’t have done it if they would have. They gave me a sheet that said why I should, but nothing on what the side effects could be. Just the normal “give Tylenol for fever.”

Q: About what time of day was his doctor’s appointment for his 2-month old vaccines?

Anne: 1:30 p.m.-ish I believe.

Q: You stated in your story no fever was present, but were there other symptoms or other vaccine adverse reactions? (Besides being swollen, lack of alertness, and glazed eyes)?

Anne: Yes, he cried. A lot. He hardly ever cried before. He was a very happy baby, especially when you’d hold him.

Q: Did the doctors/nurses acknowledge that it was the vaccines that contributed and/or caused his death? Was your son’s pediatrician notified, and what was his reaction?

After Last Breaths

Anne: Absolutely not. “Coincidence” was the word they used. The pediatrician was notified. We live in a small town. Said it was “coincidence.”

Q: Was an autopsy done? If so, what were the results? Did they do any toxicology blood work? If not, what was listed as the cause of death?

Anne: Yes, they didn’t give us answers for four months. They never did toxicology blood work. “SIDS” was what they ruled it as. When I pressed for more answers, they said they had none.

Q: Was a legal case filed? Did the doctor file a VAERS report? Or any other kind of report?

Anne: No, nothing.

Q: You briefly mentioned that you reacted to the HPV vaccine. Did you have additional symptoms or adverse reactions beyond the ovarian cysts?

Anne: I was in bed for a day and felt very sick. The cramps from the cysts were awful.

Q: Your son’s passing after vaccines most likely resulted in you not vaccinating the other two, but I want to confirm in case you had another reason.

Anne: That was what started me not vaccinating. But I knew I had to dig deeper and research more, so I could have reasons besides the obvious for not vaccinating. Aborted fetal cells in the vaccinations is a big one. The other was the insane amount of aluminum in the vaccines.

Q: When did you start to investigate and research vaccines more deeply? What resources or information did you seek and discover?

Anne: When I started talking about having other children, I knew I could never vaccinate them. I had to find out how that would affect every day life. If they’d still be allowed in public school? Which doctor could we use and not have to vaccinate, etc.? I started looking at the inserts that I had never heard of before. I started searching for others with similar stories. I found several moms and dads who believed their child’s death was from their recent vaccinations, but their deaths too were labeled as SIDS. I found other parents who had vaccine-injured children. It just makes me sick…They’ve never done any real research to be able to say these doses of aluminum are safe. Source for that is the Dr. Sears book, “The Vaccine Book.” His book was the first one I read.

Q: How has life been since losing Bear?

Anne: Not having him is still hard every day.

Q: Did you have a supportive network of friends/family after Bear’s passing? Are you in touch with other parents that lost their child from vaccines?

Anne: Yes, I have a very supportive family, and yes, I have so many Facebook friends whose stories are identical to mine.

Q: From your experience, what advice or recommendations would you share with new parents? Doctors?

Anne: Research, research, research, and follow your own gut. Your doctor isn’t the one losing their child if it happens to you. The risk is NOT one in a million like they say.

Many doctors are quick to dismiss infant deaths following vaccines as “coincidences” and they often claim “SIDS” without listening to the parents, recognizing facts, connecting the dots, or encouraging deeper questions, or further toxicology testing. Their indoctrination blinds them into ignorance. The medical industry as a whole lacks the competence and awareness that healthy babies do die after vaccines and because of vaccines. AND THESE DEATHS ARE NOT RARE.

If their standard canned answer is always “SIDS”, then maybe it’s time for them to ask different questions?! We need to stop the train of denial, burn holes in their indoctrination cloak, so perhaps they can regain their ability to see the truth without being clouded by their Scientism. How about admit that no safety studies have ever been conducted on the aggressive amount of vaccines on the childhood “recommended” schedule or in combination?

After the first infant death from any vaccine, let alone all the infants that continue to die after receiving eight vaccines at once, the vaccines should have been recalled and the “recommended vaccine schedule” should have been halted, or at least reviewed or reduced until further investigation. That would be the humane thing to do, right? However, when there is no liability for the vaccine manufacturers or fault to the doctors that push the vaccines, there’s no incentive for them to improve the system and save the babies.

May Bear’s story raise awareness, provide a glimpse of harsh reality, and disturb and disrupt the system with another glaring example that demonstrates vaccines can and do cause injury, harm, and death.

~ In loving memory of Berit Calvin Warren McAbee (January 29 – March 28, 2015) ~

Please leave your condolences below for Anne and her family. 


  1. I am so very sorry. What a sweet little child. such a tragedy. 🙁

  2. I am so very sorry. You can use as evidence the photo of your precious baby’s eyes which which reveals the location of the vaccine injury. One eye is straight and the other eye not. The same thing happened to my neighbor’s baby after being vaccinated and injured. I was trained in China and work on disabled children. Vaccinating babies and children must stop! You have proof!

  3. Hello Anne, I’m so deeply sorry for the loss of your precious, sweet baby Berit (Bear), who was so adorable. I cannot even imagine what you have endured losing him. Sending my sincerest condolences to you & your family as Berit rests in angels arms. My daughter & her husband are preparing for their first born child, due in June 2021, and we all have been educating ourselves about these toxic vaccines. I pray that these entities stop “mandating” them upon us, especially the babies whom are just building their immune systems. In loving memory of Berit and all the other’s whom have been vaccine injured and/or have risen above, may we unite for “safe” vaccines (if any necessary at all). God Bless you Anne and stay strong.

  4. Condolensces, Anne. My heart goes out to you. Blessings, dear Soul.

  5. God bless you. Your story brought me to so many tears. I have a two year old healthy son that is not vaccinated and I stand firm and will fight for Bear and all the injured or deceased children out there. He is in God’s arms and you will some day see him again, I couldnt imagine the pain inside that you must’ve felt and still feel for your boy. Let’s keep strong and keep spreading the word.

  6. My condolences on the loss of your beautiful baby. It
    makes me very angry that doctors, vaccine manufacturers, and the CDC along with their advisory committee, can get away with this. They are all complicit in the killing of babies, and someday will have to answer to God. Do not blindly trust doctors or the government. I am now concerned about whatever COVID-19 vaccine will be coming out; I feel sure that the vaccine will be harmful. Do not take it. I’ve even heard that it will change one’s DNA.

  7. Why did he have to get 8 shots at 2 months old ? My daughter only got 2 shots and liquid meds in mouth

    • If you researched vaccinations you would see that each shot that is given at a 2 month checkup has multiple vaccines in a single shot. It might only be 2 shots but within those 2 shots there were 8 different vaccines there being vaccinated against.

  8. My heart breaks for you and your family for the loss of your sweet angel. My thoughts and prayers are with you all! May his tiny life Never be forgotten!

  9. Anne, my heart aches for you and your family. What a beautiful boy your son was. I have a son who had a seizure not long after having a vaccination. Thank God it never happened again, he’s an adult now, but I often think about it.

  10. Hi Anne. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby boy. The loss of your Son Bear is not a “Coincidence” and it’s sounds like the medical team where covering up for there fatal mistakes. I Pray that you will find Peace & Comfort in the beautiful memories of your Son Bear. God is holding him in his loving care with the celestial court until you meet again. God bless you and look after yourself. Sorcha

  11. 1986 our 4 month daughter died 33 days after a pediatrician confirmed severe reaction to her first DPT/OPV, following continuous and progressive symptoms….despite the Deputy Coroner believing the death was a result of the vaccine, the pathologist did not perform the requested tests. Written off SIDS. I, as well as two other parents (one almost 2 yrs old, dying within hours of vaccination) reported the “SIDS” deaths of our children before A.C.I.P. at the CDC that May. We were told that 1) the symptoms we were describing were consistent with a severe reaction to DPT vaccination (specifically thought to the pertussis component). 2) Children exhibiting the symptoms we described should NEVER have received a SIDS designation and 3) SIDS deaths were NOT counted in vaccine reaction statistics/deaths. I’m am so very sorry that your family experienced this and that it continues many years later.

  12. Parents are clearly putting their babies in grave danger when they let strangers (aka doctors) inject them with toxic substances known to science to kill and injure. It’s time to hold these parents as well as these strangers (aka doctors) responsible for child abuse and deaths. Negligent homocide laws should apply. Ignorance is not an excuse.

    • Many parents are unable to avoid vaccination…..several states (USA) have reduced or entirely eliminated exemptions, not allowing these children in school, public areas and even contacting CPS and getting children removed from their homes…..your comment appears to lack compassion.

      The g0vernment Now FORCES it! HELLO??

  13. Im so saddened snd maddened over this tragedy. I pray you have closure since other families have experienced the same loss. Even though the medical community won’t admit fault. Thank you for speaking out. I pray others who feel that same conviction will research and choose more widely. I had a very clear gut feeling after seeing my 2nd baby scream and cry inconsolably after her HepB. I stopped after that. May God heal your broken heart.

  14. I don’t understand how there was no toxicology done and his blood wasn’t checked… either their hiding something or extremely incompetent! They’re supposed to rule out every other possibility before deciding its S.I.D.S.!! So mind boggling!
    I’m so sorry for the tragic loss of your son

    • Please read my above comment about our experience. Our coroner’s office thought our child died as a result of her pediatrician confirmed severe reaction to her first DPT…..they requested very specific test from the pathologist….4 months later, after I had to demand a copy of the autopsy report, it was discovered that the tests had not been done and the tissue samples had been disposed of. We went to the pathologist’s office where we received various excuses….the first was that he hadn’t received the request…when we advised that it had been made through the coroner’s office in my presence, then it was that he didn’t know what those tests were….when we asked why he hadn’t called someone to find out, then it was, well those sounded like very specific, unusual requests that the county wouldn’t have paid for…..we asked him why he didn’t ask us to pay for them? Eventually he told us that he would do further investigation and get back to us…..after 4 months of avoiding me, his secretary told me that “(he)no longer felt it was in his best interest to further discuss the subject with (me)……not incompetent by any means but definitely covering it up.

  15. So tragic! I’m so very sorry! ?

  16. How tragic! I’m so very sorry! ?

  17. Anne, I am a mom too. Be assured there is Divine Justice. Your angel is with God. God comfort you and your family.

  18. Terrible situation. The vaccine/adjuvants toxify mitochondria in the brain, shutting down heart signalling system.
    Many cases involve encephalopathy.
    And the data is being obfuscated.
    Sorry for your loss.

  19. I’m so very sorry for your loss, and I have shared the story on Facebook(if they don’t block/censor it!) I had a friend who lost a perfectly healthy little girl at around the same age…back in 1988…to so-called “SIDS.” It was devastating! I now know that it was the vaccines. I am in this FIGHT until I die! I’m so happy that you have 2 healthy, unvaccinated children…but I know you still grieve the loss of your precious “Bear.” Thank-you for sharing his story and God bless.

  20. We will fight for you and your son! He did not die in vein ! This WILL stop. Evil never wins . Love always does. Don’t forget that momma.

  21. Godbless you and baby ?? He’s in heaven now xx

  22. I am so very sorry for your loss. Words cannot explain how terrible I feel for your family and every family who has gone through this. My son is my life. I cannot imagine life without him. Thank you to Stop Mandatory Vaccination for sharing this heartbreaking story. I will share Bears story and he will live on and continue to touch the hearts of strangers he never knew. May God bless you all.

  23. so very sorry for the loss of this child! much strength and comfort to this family.
    RIP baby Bear. may you have justice very soon!

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