We Don’t Vaccinate Because Vaccines Cause Harm And Are Not Needed

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We Don’t Vaccinate Because Vaccines Cause Harm And Are Not Needed

EIGHT EDUCATED INDIVIDUALS share the many reasons why they no longer vaccinate, or never vaccinated. Reasons include: near death, uncontrollable screaming, horrible adverse reactions, getting the disease for which vaccinated against, high fever, vomiting, seizures, skin reactions, vaccines are poison, natural immunity is superior, high risk, cancer, aborted fetal cells, population control, vaccines cannot be made safe, and more. Please share widely!

Produced by Larry Cook
Founder and Director of www.StopMandatoryVaccination.com
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I no longer vaccinate because vaccines almost killed my son. His brain swelled. He had a high pitched screaming. He had a fever for weeks. He just regressed backwards and almost died. His immune system was so damaged by the cocktail of vaccines that he received that he was actually on HIV medication to fix his immune system.
I no longer vaccinate because my child had adverse reactions to his vaccines. I was using the Dr. Sears delayed model, doing two at a time and the D-tap separately. At his 6-month check up, he had the D-tap shot, and he started the whooping cough. He got very sick, and he was throwing up, and he had a high fever, and he broke out in a skin reaction. I called the nurse on call, and I asked her what’s going on. I said, “He’s got the whooping cough.” She said, “It’s impossible. You cannot get it from the shot.” I said okay, and I let it go.
I noticed each time he had the D-tap his reactions got worse. More skin reactions, more high fevers, and more vomiting. Finally at his 18-month, he had another D-tap, and it was full-blown skin reaction, throwing up, vomiting, high fever. I did not put two and two together until a few months later, he had a bronchospasm, which is first asthma attack. If you read the insert to the Prevnar, the HIP and the D-tap, it’s an adverse reaction to them. That’s what he had, and I stopped vaccinating at that point because I knew something was wrong. Now I no longer vaccinate, because I don’t want my child to be sick. I don’t want his reactions got worse and worse. Once you continue with one minor reaction, it just increases as each time goes on. It doesn’t matter if you do one shot. It doesn’t matter if you do several at a time. It’s still Russian roulette every time. Every time there will be some sort of reaction.
I don’t vaccinate my children because health does not come from injecting poisons into your blood stream. I protect my children from disease and from illness by building their immune systems with good solid nutrition, with fresh air, clean water, and rest. Fake protection from vaccines is not the way that I choose to protect my children from disease or illness.
I don’t vaccinate because the risks outweigh the benefit. It really goes against human instinct and logic to inject something directly into the bloodstream that has a lot of chemicals, preservatives and unknowns. Really, naturally things are supposed to be through our nose, eyes, and mouth so that our immune system has the chance to properly fight pathogens off. Vaccination goes against major laws of nature.
I was planning on vaccinating my daughter, but I had a dear friend tell me to do some research. Once I started doing the research I realized that the risk is just not worth it. No thanks to seizures or cancer or death. No thank you.
I don’t vaccinate because on my search for the truth about mercury, I’m a documentary film maker, I was researching my own history and found out that I had a contaminated polio vaccine that may have contributed to the fact that I’ve had cancer 5 times, followed by 6 pacemakers and a new heart valve. I really think that we are all vaccine injured. Because of what’s occurred, the branding, the marketing, the propaganda that we’ve all been lead to believe that we need these things that we may have never needed any of it. The more that I research … I set out thinking that we could have safe vaccines or green vaccines. After working on this film, after doing all of the research, trying to work on a website for Dr. Andrew Wakefield, and really having to read all of the research, and all of the writings, and all of the facts, I am so angered, disappointed, just ugh. I am disgusted with the fact that we are injecting babies with known poisons. We’re injecting our military with known poisons. We’re injecting our elderly with known poisons all in the name of eugenics and population control. I’m over it. Everybody needs to wake up, do their own research, and find out the truth for yourself.
I no longer vaccinate because I learned that there are aborted fetal cells in some of the vaccines. As a Christian I do not support doing that. It goes against my religious beliefs. Also as a medical provider, I prefer to use natural medicine to support my immune system, and I don’t believe that people should be forced to vaccinate or forced to choose any type of medicine that they don’t believe in. That’s why I don’t support people being forced to vaccinate their children.
I was forewarned by a friend to look up vaccines, and I did. To my surprise, when I started looking on line, there were so many parents talking about their children were vaccinated, the next day they died, they had seizures. There’s a whole lot of information out there that you don’t hear from your pediatrician. I decided not to vaccinate and never looked back. My children have the best of health. I go to a chiropractor instead. I was validated by my decision after I did a genetic test on my children on all the family. My daughter has the MTHFR gene, which most people know that it doesn’t help if you need to detoxify. People who have that gene have a particular risk for autism or any other methylation problems. Basically I’m happy I didn’t because that would’ve been a real problem for her.

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