50 Year Old Woman Dies Within 48 Hours After Receiving 8 Vaccines

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50 Year Old Woman Dies Within 48 Hours After Receiving 8 Vaccines


We commonly hear of parents who lose their infant or young child to adverse vaccine reactions and death. Adults are also being damaged and killed by vaccines. In this heart-breaking case, Connie Paul recently suffered the loss of her 50 year old daughter, Denise Mullen, because of the vaccines she was required to get for her new job, including the flu shot. What’s also alarming is her daughter, Denise, posted an ominous warning message on Facebook alerting others of the flu vaccine just an hour before her death.

Connie describes her daughter’s devastating story and tragic outcome that occurred 48 hours after receiving eight vaccines.

Connie: My daughter, Denise Mullen, was the most caring person in the world, never judging anyone, and always one to tell you that you are a worthy person.

It all started last year in June. My daughter woke up in the night and couldn’t breath.  She went to emergency room and was admitted with congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy, a virus in her heart, and we never found out how she got that. Her heart was only working at 15-20% and the heart function should be around 65%. She had many tests, echocardiograms, was prescribed heart medicine, and changed her lifestyle somewhat to get better. She had been working at her in-law’s business as the bookkeeper and store manager. She had cut her work schedule to a few days and hours a week as she was tired a lot.

Denise had a husband, three children, and two grandchildren whom she loved so dearly. She would put them first in everything. She would sacrifice all the time for family including me, her mom. I miss that so much.  Her little grandchildren tell everyone, “grandma’s in heaven”. This is heart-breaking for my whole family. Never did I ever think I would lose my only daughter at 50 because a government makes us take poison in our bodies.

Even with a heart condition, Denise did normal things like ride out back on their property in their four-wheeler. They would build a fire and sit out by a creek and enjoy nature. Now that’s all gone. There are places I went with her that I’m not sure I ever want to go there again without her. I am so angry that she had to do these vaccinations and she was totally against them. My grandson and his wife don’t vaccinate their daughter. My family are so against putting poison in our bodies.

As the year progressed, Denise’s heart got better with medicines and its function was up to 35-40% and she was doing more. Things seemed to be better for her. We got out more and life was a little bit normal. Then the business she worked at had decided to close in December of this year and she had to look for another job. She found a job at Guthrie Family Practice in Corning, New York. It required her to get a physical and flu shot. This physical showed she had heart problems. She had told our family she didn’t want the flu shot.

On Friday, October 19th 2018, she went for the flu shot and physical. When she got in there, the nurse told her she needed three more shots, the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), Hepatitis B, and tetanus [TDaP (tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis)]. So in total she was given eight vaccines. She asked the nurse, “Don’t you think that’s a lot to give at one time”? I’m not sure her answer, but they gave them to her. Denise came home and all day Saturday she felt nauseous. Sunday morning she got up, showered, drank her coffee, and posted on Facebook a site about vaccines. She posted this statement about one hour before passing — about how one of your family members could be a statistic.

Flu shot kills woman

Denise Mullen shared an ominous warning before killed by the flu shot herself. Should we be forced by employers to receive vaccines in order to keep our jobs? The HHS Healthy2020 Plan thinks so.

This is why I’m writing this today because my daughter was the statistic. My son in-law, her son, and granddaughter, grandson, and grandson’s wife, found her on the kitchen floor by the sink with the water running. They had been in the barn carving pumpkins. My grandson checked her pulse and there was none, so he called 911. His wife did CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) for like 20 minutes until medics got there and they pronounced her gone.

My granddaughter and I were on our way there, pulled in, and my knees buckled saying, “No…tell me it’s not true.” I just wanted to see her. I kept asking and finally they let us in. She was under a blanket on the floor and she had a tube still in her mouth. I will never forget that as long as I live. My baby girl. We had to sit there for like 2-3 hours with my daughter laying there under a blanket before they could take her out.

This was a nightmare for my family; all because they want to poison us. This has caused most of my family to be medicated because we can’t function. If anything, I hope our story can make people realize how dangerous these vaccines are. I am fighting now for my daughter knowing she didn’t want these vaccines through a lawyer. I will never give up vindicating her death. She had just celebrated her 23rd wedding anniversary on October 7th. They celebrated the weekend before her passing.

Q&A with Connie:

Q: What did the autopsy or other reports say about her cause of death? Did the doctor or medics link it to the combination of shots she received that day? WHY in the world would they vaccinate her given her heart and health issues? Heart conditions and other existing health issues may be listed in the contraindications on the package inserts for who shouldn’t receive them.

Connie: The coroner only listed heart attack even though my granddaughter told him she had been vaccinated two days before.

Q: Was the NY family practice that required her to get the shots notified of her vaccine adverse reaction and related death?

Connie: We have not talked with them. My niece texted them and told them she had passed as she had worked for Guthrie. I wasn’t sure if I should contact them as I have two lawyers investigating. One is a vaccine lawyer out of Minnesota.

Q: What advice or recommendations do you have for others about vaccines?

Connie: I would ask for the insert of the vaccine and read it. I would not take a job that I would have to take vaccines. I saw an undercover video in a drug store giving vaccines and when asked what was in them, they stated chicken protein. Asked what they do with the inserts and she said they throw them away.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Connie: Just that I miss her and she never judged anyone — just loved you for who you were.

Vaccine injuries and deaths do not just negatively impact those who have been damaged or died as a result of vaccines, but traumatically affect their families they leave behind. Denise was a daughter, mother, grandmother, wife, aunt, and friend, and she will be dearly missed by all whose lives she touched with her heart and presence.

~ In honor and loving memory of Denise Mullen (4/14/1968 – 10/21/2018) ~
Please leave your condolences for Connie and her grieving family in the comments below.


  1. When are the TRUE journalists, the ones who do not fear reporting the truth, start speaking out more loudly?
    The problem is that there probably are many journalists that do want to report the truth, but they are silenced by their superiors, because the media is controlled by Big Pharma, Facebook, Twitter and Bill Gates, who has to be one of the most evil man on this planet. He has billions to offer the media to keep quiet, and we have not been able to find a way to stop them!
    When you can’t even mention that Vitamin D3 is helpful in fighting the virus, when such a simple statement is quickly censored and called “misinformation”, we realize the enormous power they have to stop anyone from providing an opposing view. We still need to continue to fight this total refusal to obey the right to free speech. The pro-vaccine zealots are getting bolder every day, so we too, must get bolder and stronger!
    Who would have thought that a few years ago Communism would be taking over Canada and the U.S., and the rest of the world???
    They take baby steps at first, and we don’t say much. Then a few more crazy restrictions take place, and we don’t say much.
    But then parents start seeing what is being taught in their schools, the CRT teachings, and they start waking up!
    What are you teaching my child????
    And the parents start speaking up and condemning the “Marxist/Communist” narratives that they are indoctrinating into the school curriculum.
    Thankfully, they are getting angry!
    Thankfully they are pulling their children out of schools that insist on CRT “indoctrination”.
    And thankfully, this will continue to expand into other areas of our lives.
    Never stop fighting for FREEDOM!

  2. I am so sorry for your loss! Keep fighting!

  3. So sorry for your loss. No-one should be forced to take a vaccine to keep a job or for any other reason.

  4. Stewart James Parman Sibley

    A very heartbreaking situation, I feel for all the family! I always said I am not anti vax, but pro choice, I am changing my stance now! I always said pro choice with doing the research to understand what you are taking. Complications however exist with other health conditions that individuals may have, so it can become overwhelming to understand what is best for your personal health. Cover ups of the information are negative and sadly leave us with no information. Since many packaged products in stores have ingredient details, why not vaccines? This is a sham and choices cannot be correctly made! I trust more In good food that nature provides, providing it has not been poisoned by men, or GMO as often is the case with processed food! What concerns me is the link between Pharma and Pesticide companies such as Bayer, who bought out Monsanto. Who controls their profit regime? From the Glsophate soaked crops we get poisoned, then the very same company provides the supposed cure in the way of Pharmacy? I have of late said, the public is in bed (sick) with Bayer and they provide the cure, a pure profit intent and they have they politicians and scientists in their hands with their lobbying tactics! Follow the money and you will find the problem! Our health is in the hands of the greedy who seek profit! Sorry to speak like this, but this is the sadness we all suffer at the hands of such elite’s! It has to stop! Once again I say I am very sad for Denise and her family, but this is what we are seeing worldwide and we need to stand up and be counted, we want to be poisoned NO MORE!

  5. You said your family is on medication now. Please read the warnings on these meds you’re taking. It’s normal to be traumatized by what happened. Praying for your family.

  6. So sorry for your loss.

    • Rose Campion. Keep your head in the sand if it makes you feel better, but you still have no right to endanger my life! I know of at least 3 people who nearly died from the Flu Vaccine. I will NOT take any vaccinations and if they are so good, tell me why your vaccinated child is at risk? You Vaxxers will never answer that one question. But your sure willing to call a bereaved family liars. SHAME ON YOU!

  7. Did anyone file a VAERS claim?

  8. This is Such a Frightening Topic, when you figure Big PHARMA is in control of So Much when we go to the doctor. If you can’t afford to go to an Holistic Doctor your FORCED to see the bought and paid for by Big PHARMA doctors! They all have the exact same protocols they go through, now you need the vaccines, the colonoscopys, The This The That. I realize there is a protocol for Preventative medicine which is a good thing, although when our ONLY CHOICE IS the Big PHARMA way, it makes you feel like your in Line at the Jim Jones in Johannesburg waiting to Drink your cup of Poison with Men standing Guard to Make sure You Drink or be shot!!! Why hasn’t an Insurance company who supports The Holistic Medicine Been Invented??!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing , so sorry for your loss….when are the public going to wake up that they are being poisened by these vaccines?

  10. you have my most heartfelt condolences……i have had terrible reactions to flu shots…my whole arm swelled and turned red….the side of my face went numb…and my arm….within 15 minutes( and i was healthy before) i had flu symptoms….and threw up for a week….and that only the last time i took the shot…i work for a hospital…its either take it…or wear a mask all winter… they coherse you into taking the shot…then expect you to wear a sticker on your badge or be continually harassed…(the sticker is a violation of law/ privacy medical records). I have been studying vaccines for about 3 yrs…..i admire Robert Kennedy in his efforts…for bringing all the poison to light….Canada nurses fought and do not have to take the flu shot…now fighting against the mask…and lack of o2 / and bacteria….etc….this is a way t decrease the population….and now they want to make vaccinations mandatory! NO THANKS. Jesus loves Denise…more than you could ever imagine….She didn’t die in vain….She is another who died of vaccine injury.

  11. I am so sorry for your loss. You, your family and your beautiful daughter in heaven are in our prayers. Your daughter is a warrior and will not be forgotten because of this. God speed in your lawsuits.

  12. I am so incredibly sorry that your dear Connie was stolen from you by those damned vaccines! I am a vaccine injured Registered Nurse whose life was severely altered by the Hep B series and flu shot back in 1994-5. I have researched vaccines extensively since then. There is NO WAY Connie should have ever been coerced into getting ANY of those neurotoxic poison injections! Any ONE of them could have killed her….but giving her EIGHT?! That is just criminal insanity! Hugs to you all. May God our Father help you achieve justice. Vaccine companies are paying huge bribe money to politicians to make unethical “laws” that force children (and soon adults) to get every vaccine with NO EXCEPTIONS. Connie’s preventable death is totally inexcusable! I am so sorry. So sad to learn of this tragedy.

  13. I am so very sorry for your loss. This was unnecessary. No one should be forced to have a medical procedure in order to be employed.
    Thank you for sharing this painful story. I hope this will help others who look at only propaganda pretending to be science and dig a bit.
    Many an informed physician, nurse, and research scientist question vaccines and they are far more informed on the subject than the media and the public who are (understandably but incorrectly) terrified that their children have a real risk of dying from being exposed to unvaccinated people.
    This additional story will surely reach some who have been convinced that vaccines “must” be safe though they are at a loss as to explain why the US taxpayer, not the vaccine manufacturers, bear liability for vaccine injuries, which can include death. This was done because of the number of lawsuits from deaths and injuries and the manufacturers said they were not going to continue to produce vaccines if they had to deal with the legal ramifications of their product.
    The fact that the connection with vaccine was not really evaluated in Denise’s death points to part of the problem with getting accurate records on vaccination injuries. Even with the liability impunity for manufacturers, getting things properly investigated is clearly an issue.

  14. People educate yourselves as to what is in vaccines, formaldehyde, aborted fetus product, chicken or other animal cells, thimerisol, and plenty others. I think the people who create the vaccines should be forced to have them as well. It’s an outrage! Especially when Robert Kennedy Jr. has discovered after investigation that they have never properly tested any vaccination. He has a lawsuit against them at this moment. I am so sorry for this dear mother, daughter,and her grandchildren. NO ONE will vaccinate me, ever again. But we only got a few vaccines when I went to school….not like now.

  15. So sorry for the family on the loss,y condolances. It is terrible no one should be forced to get vaccines and as.an adult. Prayers.

  16. I am heartbroken for them!! I cannot imagine being backed into a corner like that, but then to become one of the statistics for it…. Hugs and prayers to them.

  17. Cynthia E McReynolds

    This is a shocking story in several ways. The coroner should be investigating her death since it appears she’s been poisoned. Her employer, the medical practitioner, the vaccine manufacturer and distributor, and whoever is responsible for this requirement should all be jailed and sued. Forcing some to put chemicals in their bodies in order to enrich the pharmaceutical companies and their accomplices is similar to what the Nazi’s and IB Farben did at Auschwitz. My condolences on this senseless murder.

    • I am her mom and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Been a long journey and still have many hard days but people like you brighten it thank you

      • God bless you and your family. I have no words. You have a huge lawsuit, it sounds like. This is horrifying beyond words. My prayers are w your family… May peace bless you all.

  18. I’m so sorry for your loss. I too lost a 15mo old granddaughter 2 days after several cocktail shots.
    Coroner listed her death “Unknown Co sleeping” because she was sleeping with her dad. She had fever, fussy, wouldn’t stand, had a meltdown “seisure,?” , Went to sleep & never woke up. I told all ER personal & ME she’d just had shots. Now have to STILL subject my other grandkids to this EVIL MADNESS. IT’S GENOCIDE

    • #resistblueisis Aiken county is corrupt

      No you do not have to subject those grandkids! Tell them NO. Do not do it. Put them first.

    • there never has been a thing called SIDS….they die from vaccines….when your kids are required to have 72 vaccines by the time the are seniors…this is cohersion…

    • I am so sorry for you. Detox a week before shots and right after. Get some Epsom salts and bath them in it and Benoit clay make a batch and put on bottom of feet and wrap in Saran Wrap for about 10minutes. I researched a lot after my daughters death. Good luck hunny.

  19. My sweet daughter , never vaccinated , was just forced to take multiple vaccines in order to do her clinical rotation for paramedic school. No way to get exemptions for clinical rotations; the hospital says “no shots, no clinical”. Makes me sick that our young healthcare students , unvaccinated and healthy all their lives , are forced to take toxic substances into their bodies to be in a career they filled called to .

    • i agree…they make hospital workers do it to collect the $400.00 for eh shot…that”s why they ride your ass…and threaten you could lose your job….BUT every tom dick and harry on the street can walk into a hospital…visit patients…and go home…no problem…

  20. Im so sick of medical professionals pushing vaccines. You would think they would see 1st hand the damage they cause but will never admit it was them. Why? Why do they do that? That is so strange to me. The flu shot is killing so many people & doctors just keep on pushing them. Plus, this is NOT a new thing. The promote Free flu shots & coupons or gift cards if you get them at certain stores. Why if someone is sick do they still push them? Irritating the immune system when someone is sick should be considered illegal especially if someone dies. Its illegal to drink & drive and if you do & kill someone you go to jail, so why is it ok for doctors to give a shot when someone is unwell knowing it can kill them? This is getting really bad. Isn’t medical malpractice the leading cause of death? But we still keep on trusting these people that they are going to help us stay well. We are all in big trouble especially since they are going after our kids at lightening speed & have too many people convinced its a good thing. So sorry about your daughter, Vaers only shows about 1% of injuries. We are in big trouble. I dont want to have to tell a family member i told you so, cuz at that point the drs & nurses try to convince you that you are crazy & im sure thats the last thing anyone wants to hear after a vaccine killed your family member. Its horrible when you realize what is happening. I had no idea myself for 42 years.

  21. I am so sorry extremely sorry for your massive loss. The coroner is ethically at fault. Our government is at fault. I had my child at only 23 weeks a week after I received a flu vaccine. Coincidence?

  22. Thank you so much for sharing Connie’s story. Being that she reached out to warn others right before her passing, she would be so proud of her family for continuing to share the TRUTH !!!! I pray that you will find peace and healing knowing how your story continues to touch so many lives!

  23. I’m so very, very sorry for your loss. Your precious daughter is one of many who are heroes that will only be acknowledged when in time, we acknowledge that vaccines are a dangerous and ludicrous farce. It will take time, but time tells all tales. Years ago pregnant women were told to smoke to make them less nervous…..

  24. So sorry for your loss i know how you feel my husband was in good health went in for routine annual check up dr got him to take the pneumonia prevnar 13 shot to protect our grandchildren…he was dead in 30 days…heart attack…medical dr dont care they get a kick back grom pharmaceuticals hope you giled claim with the vaccine court…

    • They don’t care about us. I’m so sorry for your loss. God bless you and hope you will be ok.

    • diane, i took care of an elder lady who i took to have a checkup one day, the dr asked her if she wanted the pneumonia shot ,my lady said to dr,”do i need one” i told her not to get it..but she did..she immediately started to show reaction,swelling in the area of shot and pain,they iced it , what followed over few days was a breathing problem,body swelling and fatigue ,abt a week later she ended in hospital for 10 days, came home to assisted living where they made her start walking at least to one of her meals in dining room and they had her exercising 3 times a week along with walking thruout the facility..a week later she was found in the morn in bed unresponsive, where she died a few days after.. i tried to make her son aware the first time she went into hos ,but some people have no clue what goes on in the med field/big pharma, i also told him the drs will never tell you the truth.. it was so sad to watch her go downhill fast..

  25. I’m very sorry for this tragic loss of your beautiful daughter, mother, wife. I to will never take another vaccine in my life. In 2009 I was given flu shot and swine flu shot. 6 weeks later I had flu. No coincidence that I never had it the flu before or since. On you tube Bill Gates stated there are too many people on the earth and they need to invent vaccine for that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc16H3uHKOA
    I will not take another vaccine nor allow my kids or mom get one. Haven’t had vaccine or my kids it’s against my religion.

    • bill gates and his family can be the first to go!! he force vaxxed the kids in india n they are now paralyzed,injured.. i think he was kicked out of india, thru court system..

    • Cheryl Hartman, I am just wondering if this is an actual tenet of your religion and what denomination that is? I too have stated that it is against my religion to have vaccinations but not because it is a stated thing in my religion as in “thou should not get vaccinations” but because I know that is is against God’s will that we harm ourselves.

  26. I am so sorry this has happened to your family. I cried reading this. All I want is for time to be turned backwards & for her to have never gotten those shots!! My heart breaks for you. I have gotten out of becoming a nurse because of all of this. I refuse to give “immunizations” to any child especially when the parents are not looking, out of the room, etc like they are teaching nurses to do these days. 4 of my 5 children & myself have all been fully vaccinated but because I didn’t know any better. My 2 year old (baby # 5) has gotten her shots up to 2 years but NO MORE will she get!!! 3 of my 5 & myself have severe ADHD! I have Asthma, severe allergies, psoriasis, & IBS all due to vaccinations among. No doubt in my mind because NOONE else in my family has these auto immune diseases/issues & the only other way you can have them is by heredity. I plan on looking further into it & seeing what I candoI just feel grateful we are alive, well (as we can be), & still together. I have never gotten the flu shot & have never gotten the flu. That is no coincidence! Subsequently there are people who get the flu shot every year & “nothing happens” but they are always turning up with new ailments & illnesses the need medicine for. Big PHARMA guarenteeing buisness, no wonder they are making it mandatory to vaccinate! Those it don’t kill creates a profit margine for them. This is compelling evidence not coincidence! I’m just glad I do know now & I’m going to do my damndest to spread the word & try to let others know the truth!

    • Thank you. I have had a hard time coming back here and read comments so sorry if it’s been awhile. I just want people to realize how poisonous these vaccines are. Her autopsy did say probable myocarditis and that’s a side effect of the flu shot.

      • That is just awful, did you call that drs office & tell them it was the flu shot? I hope karma eats them alive for giving shots to someone with heart problems. Doctors should be held accountable if they kill someone thru vaccines. If they prescribed a medicine that killed someone you could go after them or the manufactures. Why if vaccines are killing people are they exempt? The same companies making vaccines also make the medication that has killed people, knowing it could cause heart attacks the pharmaceutical companies with held this information from the public. Yet they can with hold any info they want when it comes to vaccines. It makes me so worried & scared for this generation of kids. Mandates on a medicine that is killing people? We are in big trouble. Hope you can at least get some compensation, although thats a grueling process. I know someone who lost their 14 month old to vaccines. They have been in court for 3 or 4 years. My heart aches for all of you who have to go thru this. I could go on & on. Hope you can find some peace.

    • its come past time for the masses to get into the streets,take your kids out of gov schools,shut those damn schools down! the evils are testing us to see how far they can push the poisons on us all! $$$$$ and depopulation.. lets do it!!!!!

    • Thank you so much. I don’t come here a lot as I always read this and its like yesterday all over again if they have to get vaccines. Detox a week before and after for a few days. Take a bath in Epsom salts and make a clay out of ebonite clay from Walmart and put on bottom of feet and wrap in Saran Wrap for about 10 mins children 20 minutes adults. I researched after her death and found this. We take care of a 4 year old and her mom vaccinated her and we did detox. She was ok thank God. I also prayed. Appreciate your thoughtfulness Hugs.

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