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Mom Asks Why Her 6 Month Old Infant Died After Getting 6 Vaccines

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Mom Asks Why Her 6 Month Old Infant Died After Getting 6 Vaccines


On March 1, 2019, Catie Clobes tragically lost her six and half month old daughter, Evee, a day and a half after receiving six vaccines at her six month doctor’s visit. Like many parents who experience a devastating unexpected loss of their healthy infant, Catie reached out in our Stop Mandatory Vaccination FaceBook group in search of answers on adverse complications post vaccination. Catie shares her heartbreaking pain in her story below with additional details in the Q&A that follows.

Catie’s Story As Posted In Stop Mandatory Vaccination

Evee Gayle Clobes had her 6-month checkup and scheduled immunizations a day and a half before she passed and was found to be in perfect health, as she was her whole life. She was giggling, eating solids, and telling me “no” just the night before her passing. PRELIMINARY autopsy results have been INCONCLUSIVE, the medical examiner stated that no abnormalities were found, no visible reason to the doctor as to why she passed. She did state that they are running tests to determine if vaccinations were the cause. I do not know what tests exactly yet, but she did agree it was of concern. If anyone has any personal experiences to share related to serious complications after infant vaccinations, especially ones resulting in death, please reach out. I appreciate the support. Please share Evee’s story.

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A VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) report has been filed by the clinic at my request, a lawyer has been retained. The clinic failed to document the correct location the shots were administered. I was taken back and apologized to, and her records were corrected, and another VAERS report was filed with the corrections. I am working with a lawyer who specializes in vaccination injuries/deaths. I will not accept SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) as an answer, if given. The necessary steps will be taken to find the real reason.

This feeling of pain is indescribable. The unanswered questions of how or why make it worse. I can’t comprehend any of it. I can’t stop replaying that morning in my head. None of this feels real. Definitely not fair. She was the perfect child and I’m so thankful we never left each other’s side for the short six and a half months I was blessed with her. She was my best friend. My body just aches for my baby. Listen to that laugh. I will never forget it.

Video of Evee laughing.

I held my beautiful Evee Gayle, who passed away unexpectedly in her sleep Friday morning, in my arms for the last time today. She was in a gorgeous homemade “angel gown” donated by two amazing volunteers who made it overnight just for her. She wore a bonnet with her darling tuft of hair sticking out. Wrapped in a soft pink blanket.

Q&A with Catie:

Q: Which vaccines did your daughter receive at her 6 month visit?
Catie: DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Acellular Pertussis) Hepatitis B, IPV (Polio), and PCV-13 (Pneumococcal).

Q: What date did she receive her vaccines?
Catie: 2/27/2019

Q: What kind of information did you receive from the doctor prior to Evee receiving the vaccines? Vaccine information sheet (VIS), package insert, other information? Did you receive full informed consent about the full risks and benefits?
Catie: I don’t recall receiving anything. Something could have been with her after-visit summary, I’m not sure. I don’t recall seeing anything. The doctor only asked if Evee was receiving her vaccinations and I said yes and she said good.

Q: Can you describe more in detail about what happened?
Catie: Evee was put to bed at 9 p.m. on 2/28/19. That whole day she was giggling as usual, eating solid foods, nursing just fine, no temperature, no other signs or symptoms that I could remember. Nothing out of the ordinary. She fell asleep in my arms before I laid her down, and when I did lay her down she didn’t wake up which she usually does. Almost every other night I lay down and go to sleep with her, but I stayed up to watch basketball. I went to bed around 11 p.m. and she was still alive, in her deep sleep and breathing. I kissed her and went to sleep. I woke up to go to the bathroom the next morning, 3/1/19, around 7 a.m., and I started singing her name as I came back in. I thought she was still sleeping hard. She was on her back, the same position that I left her in the night before. I picked rolled her face over and saw that she was passed. Ambulance was called and she was pronounced dead at the Buffalo Hospital. Preliminary autopsy has showed nothing, no abnormalities, no visible reason as to why she passed.

Q: Were there any warnings or symptoms that indicated she was having an adverse reaction?
Catie: Well maybe that she was so tired, that she was sleeping so hard when I laid her down and when I went to bed. There have been a few other nights like that though. Other than that, no.

Q: Can you explain if she was given any medication after her vaccines?
Catie: No.

Q: Was she vaccinated prior to this 6 month old visit? And if so, what vaccines on which dates did she receive (including at birth)? Have you ever noticed any adverse reactions?
Catie: She received a couple vaccinations at birth. Those don’t show in the immunization record. I’m not sure why. I believe it was Hep B when she was born. Her 10/31/18 two month visit and 12/17/18 four month visit she received vaccinations, see the immunization record for which ones. [2 month visit vaccines: Rotavirus, PCV-13, IPV, Hep. B, HIB, and DTaP and at the 4 month visit, she also received: Rotavirus, PCV-13, IPV, Hep. B, HIB, and DTaP]

Q: Sounds like she was healthy and thriving prior to this 6 month visit. Can you describe Evee’s personality and where she was developmentally?
Catie: I am a work from home mother, so Evee never left my side. We were very close. She was always studying other people wherever we went. The day she received her 6 month shots, she was giggling, screaming, and laughing with this “low belly” chuckle and squeal at the nurse and doctor the entire time. They had never heard anything like it from a 6 month old. She was always smiling and talking to me. She was very strong from birth. She could hold her head up really well and had started eating solid foods. She loved her sweets. She hated apricots and baby cereal. I’m really into sports and Evee would watch them with me I think because she was attracted to all the whistles and she was just used to it. The whistles on the tv could calm her down. She had just started rolling around everywhere, from one end of the room to the other, doing it to get what she wanted to chew on. She was so smart. So vocal. So happy.

Q: Has anyone in your family suffered from a vaccine injury or adverse reaction prior to Evee?
Catie: No.

Q: When did you begin to question if her death was related to her recent vaccines?
Catie: Right away I had my doubts, but when they told me the preliminary autopsy showed nothing and was inconclusive, I knew this was no coincidence. Again, the histology and toxicology hasn’t come back on her autopsy. But like I’ve said, she was as healthy as can be, and that’s not going to show anything.

Q: What do you feel caused or contributed to Evee’s passing?
Catie: I want to make clear that I can’t be 100% certain, without proof, that this is true, but I have a feeling the vaccinations contributed to her death which is why I have shared her story, made the VAERS report, and am working with a lawyer.

Q: Have you ordered an independent autopsy?
Catie: No.

Q: What was the doctor or clinic’s response to you asking to file a VAERS report? Were they supportive? Surprised?
Catie: The nursing supervisor told me that the pediatrician didn’t see any reason as to why vaccinations would have caused her death, and she was reluctant to do it. The nursing supervisor is the one who filed the first, and the corrected one with the correct location which was documented incorrectly in her first record.

Q: Do you have other children, and if so, do you plan to continue to vaccinate? Why or why not?
Catie: 11 and 5. No comment.

Q: I’m sure this has been incredibly difficult – can you share more about how this situation has impacted you and your family?
Catie: This is a parent’s worst nightmare. Evee was my everything and my life with her has fell apart. I’ve already moved out of my apartment that I lived with her in. I feel lost and broken. There is really no way to answer this question, the situation is not real to me yet, and the feeling of pain is indescribable.

Q: What advice do you have for parents? Doctors?
Catie: I’m disappointed/disgusted with the practice of some doctors clearly ignoring so much evidence and facts about these vaccinations and the injuries/deaths they’ve caused, and sticking by the immunization schedule from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) as if they’d lose their job or license if they didn’t. I’m not saying “don’t vaccinate at all.” I don’t know enough to say something like that. I’m learning something new everyday. But it’s obvious that kids and babies don’t need all of these shots right away. They’re so dangerous, and too much for too many little bodies to handle. Taking your chance is clearly not worth it. I’m disappointed in myself for not doing more research and choosing to just trust the medical professionals. 

Q: What do you wish you would have known prior to her 6 month visit?
Catie: How many babies have actually died because of receiving their immunizations. I had no idea.

Q: What else would you like to share?
Catie: The support has been overwhelming right now. Please be respectful and please give me time to respond. I’m still in heavy grieving and taking this all day by day. I also did not intend for Evee’s story to spark such controversy, but clearly it has. Again just please be mindful and respectful. Right now, this is just about remembering my beautiful daughter.

Q: What support or resources do you need?
Catie: I’m already receiving tons of support and resources. I just want her story to continue to be shared in the right places. Of anything good could come out of her death, then it’d be a life saved.

Q: You mentioned you retained a lawyer. Will you file a formal case through “Vaccine Court” and VICP?
Catie: Unable to say at this time. If results come back with any indication that vaccinations would have played a part in her death, absolutely.

I am sharing Evee’s story to spread awareness of the concerning facts surrounding her death and to share her beautiful memory, not to start fights. UPDATE: Here is the “Justice For Evee” GoFundMe to earn the funds for her private autopsy. 

~ In honor and loving memory of Evee Gayle Clobes August 19, 2018 – March 1, 2019~

Please leave your condolences and support for Catie and her family below.


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