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VAXXED & VACCINES: Why Trust Doctors Lied To By The CDC?

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VAXXED & VACCINES: Why Trust Doctors Lied To By The CDC?

Sara Costello trusted her doctor and wound up with a vaccine-injured child. Sara encourages all parents to watch the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe to understand the CDC cover-up of supposed vaccine safety and why there is a media blackout on vaccine injury.

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I am a mother of three children; two of which are in school and I came to see Vaxxed tonight. It’s my second time seeing it actually. This is a very important subject to me I hold close to my heart. SB 277 [the mandatory vaccination law in California] really turned my life around because I do have a vaccine-injured child.

It’s a film about vaccine safety and about … that there as of present time there is none. We basically have what’s the same to fox guarding the chicken coop. That’s what’s happening at this present time and when you see this and you see how controlled the media is and the whole measles outbreak with Disneyland how much coverage that got and … Where is the media coverage for these parents that go in and we get these shots, we put our trust in these doctors and it destroys people’s lives, at the very least disrupts it but there is no media coverage for that and this film shows you why and it’s disgusting and I think the whole world should see Vaxxed.

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