VIDEO BOOK REVIEW: The Unvaccinated Child Treatment Guide For Parents

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VIDEO BOOK REVIEW: The Unvaccinated Child Treatment Guide For Parents


Written by two naturopathic doctors – Dr. Eli Camp, ND & Dr. Judith Thompson, ND – this excellent and well written book gives a complete overview on how to use effective natural treatment protocols to help a child recover from illness and infection, including healing protocols for all of the diseases that there are vaccines for. This is a must-have book for any parent wishing to avoid vaccine injury or death and who wants to understand how to naturally build immune function and overall health in children. Cheaper than a doctor’s visit, buy the book today for peace of mind and clarity on how to help your child when illness strikes. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE BOOK ON AMAZON.

~ Larry Cook

My name is Larry Cook, and I run a Facebook group called Stop Mandatory Vaccination. It has over 120,000 parents in it right now and it continues to grow by several hundred every single day. And I have discovered that one of the major questions that parents have is: If I go vaccine-free, what if my child gets a disease? Great question, and I have an answer. It is this new book written by a couple doctors called The Unvaccinated Child: A Treatment Guide for Parents and Caregivers.

I have to tell you, this is an excellent book. If you’re a parent on the fence about vaccination, if you’re vaccine-free, or even if you vaccinate, get this book. Because it gives natural remedies on how to naturally boost the immune system so that a child can naturally get over a disease or an infection.

What I’d like to do right now is just to read a few passages from this book so you can get an understanding of what this book is all about and why I so highly recommend it. Let’s start with the table of contents.

We have our introduction, a quick overview of what the meaning of unvaccinated is. Then we go into immunology and prevention and a quick overview of vitalism, how vital the energy is in the child. Chapter two, which has naturopathic foundations of health, immunity, digestion, nervous system, diet, water, breastfeeding, exercise, exposure to micro organism and stress-free zone, naturopathic modalities, which are the therapies, the tools, botanical medicine, essential oils, homeopathy, hydrotherapy which is hot and cold therapy, and mind-body connection, nutrition, physical medicine, and topical and external applications. Then we have part three, basic naturopathic support for illness.

And one thing that I really like it goes into is fever. Chapter five has edible treatments. Chapter six, vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Chapter seven, physical and environmental remedies, and then we get into all other conditions that children are vaccinated for. So you have an exact overview of what to do for each and everyone. Then there’s some closing thoughts, the apothecary, which is just some resource information, and then some additional resources as well.

So now let me just read a few passages to you because I want you to get a feel for what this book is all about. Let’s start with the forward. I’m just gonna read one paragraph. It’s written by a doctor, Dr. Dick Kronenberg. And here’s what she says in the opening paragraph.

There is no need to poison our children’s blood streams with toxins in the name of prevention when the real prevention to illness is a healthy immune system. As we are exposed to more bacteria and viruses, our immune system strengthens with the experience of the previous encounter. This will then allow us to fend off chronic illnesses, degenerative disease and cancer as we age. We do a disservice to our children if we do not allow their immune systems to encounter the common infectious disease of the human race.

That’s pretty powerful. Let me move on. This is partial discussion about immunity. Physical immunity starts in the gut. Along the lining of the digestive tract lies the gut associated lymphoid tissue, which is a part of the immune system that protects the body from foreign invaders in the digestive track. Within the GALT are cells called Peyer’s patches which regulate bacteria in the gut by creating an inhospitable environment for unfriendly bacteria and allowing healthy bacteria to remain the small intestine. These cells are our first line of defense from toxins and pathogens that come into our body from the outside. Studies show that human fetuses have Peyer’s patches developed by 30 weeks of gestation. That’s pretty amazing.

Playing in the dirt. Researches have come to recognize that literally playing in the dirt is beneficial to a child’s developing immune system because of increased exposure to various microorganisms. When looking at immunological regulation and exposure to worms, there’s inhibition of different T helper cells depending on the type of immunological response being made. Inflammatory diseases like asthma and Crohn’s disease were decreased because of inhibition of Th17, a T helper cell involved in the development of autoimmune diseases. So as you can see, we need to play in the dirt.

Okay, something that is near and dear to my heart because it’s asked all the time the Stop Mandatory Vaccination Group, what about my child when he gets a fever or she gets a fever? Here’s what they say.

Many parents become concern when their child has a fever. It is a sign that their child is not well. As scary as it can seem, it’s important to note that while a fever is a sign of infection, that doesn’t mean it needs to be stopped. That’s so important. So don’t go to your medicine cabinet to find a fever reducer just yet. Bacteria and viruses thrive at the regular body temperature of 98.6 degrees. When a fever is present, it indicates the immune system is working correctly. Chemical messengers are being sent to stimulate the innate and adaptive parts of the immune system. These parts send out natural killer cells to kill bacteria and viruses and create antibodies. Without a fever, the immune system doesn’t know how it needs to take these steps.

I just can’t even tell you how many times a parents asks about fever in my group. And I gotta tell you, 98% of the time, you should not be lowering that fever. That’s why you need this book. You need to understand this stuff. Alright, moving on.

So I mention that all of the different disease that we vaccinate are in this book. And I decided to go to whooping cough or pertussis because it’s a hot topic right now. Here’s a vitalistic approach to pertussis. Now this is just one very small paragraph. They outline exactly what to do if your child gets whooping cough, but here’s the quick summary.

Basic naturopathic support includes bed rest, broths, oxymel, Vitamin A, C, and D, zinc, ginger tea, probiotics, garlic or magic socks, medicinal baths, hydrotherapy, dry skin brushing, lymphatic massage, steam inhalation, mushrooms and NAC. If you haven’t already reviewed part three, that is the section where we discuss these therapies at length. The following suggestions are specific for working with pertussis. And then they go into all the specifics on how to deal with pertussis.

Let me jump to closing thoughts by Dr. Camp, one of the co-authors on this book. She says, Second, as the truth about “the pharmaceutical industry and particularly the vaccination program comes to light and as more and more people choose not to vaccinate, it is imperative that all caregivers, parents, grandparents, doctors and other healthcare providers have this knowledge. Armed with knowledge, we can safely and effectively nurse our children through conditions that have been around for thousands upon thousands of years. They come out on the other end with life-long immunity and no damage from vaccination. It is important to note here that most of these conditions are non-life-threatening, as long as basic health is established and maintained.

I think what’s important for you to understand is that we had decreased death from these infectious diseases over 99.9% before vaccines came on the market. Yeah, it’s a true statistic. And what you really need to now is that when a child’s immune system is functioning properly and they’re healthy, 99.9% of the time they’re going to get over that whatever infection is and have a stronger more robust immune system because of it. That’s why we don’t need to vaccinate.

As you can tell, I love this book. I just think it’s the best book out there, especially for any parent who’s thinking about going vaccine free, but is really concerned about diseases. We just don’t need to be that concerned, and you especially don’t need to be that concern if you have a resource guide written by a couple of doctors that will guide you through any sickness that your child may have. So I hope you hop on over, buy this book. Get it right now while you’re thinking about it. You won’t be sorry. It’s a complete resource guide. It covers everything you need to know. I’m Larry Cook, and I wish you the best.

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